Headerboard fiber cement board plays an important role in the tunnel wall system

publisher: Dina Huang
Time: 2016-08-10
Summary: The longest tunner in Hangzhou The longest city tunnel in China

An new establised tunnel named Purple Tunnel in Hangzhou, which is 14.4 kilometer, now is hte longest tunnel in Hangzhou city of Zhejiang Province and the longest city tunnel in China with six two-way lanes. 

Headerboard supplies non-asbestos fiber cement board as wall system for the tunnel. The Mayor of Hangzhou visited this tunnel on Aug.9th and speak highly of Headerboard fiber cement board. As a kind of fire resistance material, Headerboard fiber cement board is with good bending performance to meet the requirement of arc-shaped tunnel board. Easy to do surface treatment to meet requirement of different color requirement. The main important raw materials cellulose fiber is imported, can make sure the board is environmental friendly and healthy. Due to water and moisture proofing, Headerboard fiber cement board is very appropriate for wet area like tunnel. 

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