HeaderLoft-fiber cement flooring board

Min. Order 1 piece
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Update Time 2016-08-22
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HeaderLoft is the high-density fiber cement board which is made of high-grade silicate cement, fine silica sand, imported native wood pulp, additives, water and other organic & inorganic substances by adopting the advanced production process like blending, molding, pressurization, high-temperature & high-pressure steam curing and special technical processing, specialized for flooring and loft. 



Standard size:1200*2400mm

Product Features

1.Light Weight

Reduce the building’s overall load and fundamental investment.

2.Thinner Thickness

The board thickness is 18mm/25mm, which can enlarge the space used of the building, and achieve good sound insulation effect.

3.High Strength

HeaderLoft uses HeaderPan with a density of 1.6g/cm3 as the base board, has a load-bearing capacity of over 2,000kg/m2, and owns the national force test report.

4. Safety Assurance   

HeaderLoft has good fireproof performance and long fire-resistant time, and belongs to Grade A1 incombustible material.

5. Conformable Living

HeaderLoft has low heat conductivity coefficient and good heat insulation effect, so as to reduce the energy consumption.

6. Quick Construction

Simple and quick construction procedure, low comprehensive cost, less construction rubbish, environmental protection and health


Appropriate for flooring and loft.